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B E H I N D  T H E  B R A N D

Arlen J


Arlen was in a state of flux for several years after the two tragic deaths in his family. He wandered between Chicago and Canada, trying to figure out the purpose of life. Fate led him to read The Road Less Traveled by Dr. M. Scott Peck. It was the first book Arlen read that wasn’t an assignment in school. He felt conscious for the first time in life applying Peck’s principles. He also felt fear. Arlen did not know how to handle his newfound consciousness and self-awareness. He immersed himself in reading to attempt making sense of this clarity that eluded him throughout life.

Meditation and personal training became pillars in Arlen’s life. In 2005, Arlen became a coach for kids at PowerPlay MD in Los Angeles. He worked under Dr. Lydia Hazen coaching at-risk children. Arlen recognized how important self-awareness was to instill in children at a very young age. His work with children led him to study the physiological function of brainwaves, particularly the Alpha wave, as they relate to self-awareness.

Arlen felt Buddhism was closely aligned with a lot of his personal beliefs and discoveries throughout life. He became a member of the Soka Gakki International (SGI) Buddhist organization in Los Angeles. He challenged some of the practices at the temple that seemed to encourage negative brain activity versus self-affirmation. He left the SGI with new insights and a clear path towards sustained consciousness.

The “life hacks” industry started booming around 2010. Arlen had experienced the lows and highs of life. He determined many of these programs were just hot-air subterfuges. All of them lacked simple concepts like affirmative self-talk that activates those ever-important Alpha brainwaves. Arlen’s real-life experiences, successes, failures, spiritual teachings and affirmative self-talk were all combined to create the Prodigy Mindset™ Gym.

The ALPHA and DOJO mindset training programs emphasize the Internal Monologue System (IMS) as a continual mean to the alpha brainwave end. Mental fitness is key for men to not only feel contentment and worth, but to excel in all things life brings with it. 

Consciousness begets creativity, a truth Arlen pays his daily dues and respect to. His conscious creativity and the style it produces here at is something he hopes everyone can come to vibe with. 

To learn more about Arlen and the Prodigy Mindset™ Gym visit

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  Writer, Photographer & Prodigy Mindset™ founder

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